The Company shall be primarily in the business of implementing the joint-venture project of the Government of Uttar Pradesh ,New Delhi Okhla Industrial Development Authority, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority for the purpose of establishing and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority for the purpose of establishing and operating Noida International Airport (herein after reffered to as ‘Airport’).

To operate, maintain, develop, design, construct, upgrade, modernize and manage the Airport and in this regard ,to enter into contracts, with the parties, for or in relation to the above or any part of thereof and other related activities.

To purchase/procure/acquire land for renovating ,expanding and managing the Airport , including all assets and infrastructure, such as runways, taxi-ways, aprons, terminals for passengers and provide cargo amenities, ancillary building to provide the aeronautical facilities and services, including but not limit to, flight operation assistance and crew support systems, movement ,movement and parking of aircraft and control facilities, flight information display screens, rescue and fire fighting services and non-aeronautical services, including but not limited to aircraft cleaning services, airlines lounges, cargo handling, cargo terminals, ground handling services and other general aviation services to provide other essential services like toilets , trolleys, passenger’s baggage handling, drinking water etc. And aero-bridges, control systems, flight kitchens, shopping areas, fire stations, parking , fuel hydrants , taxiways for domestic and international flights etc and other related activities.

To provide adequate space and site for services relating to customs, immigration, security at the Airport, health, meteorology, plant and animal quarantine and CNS/ATM services and other statutory or sovereign functions upon instructions of Government of India, Government of Uttar Pradesh or the Airport Authority of India, as the case may be.

Stake Of Company

Name of the Share Holder Percentage of the Holding of "Paid up Capital"
GoUP 37.50 %
Noida 37.50 %
Greater Noida 12.50 %
YEIDA 12.50 %
Total 100 %